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17/04/2003 14:54 Local Time 
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We welcome you to the online forum of www.eu2003.gr, where you can participate in the debate on current EU topics, by responding to specific questions, which will be refreshed every two weeks.

One of www.eu2003.gr’s main aspirations is to become a means for promoting electronic democracy. It hopes to accomplish this by fully employing the possibilities afforded by digital technology in order to strengthen transparency and increase citizen participation.

The forum of www.eu2003.gr is moderated by the editorial team of the site. We support freedom of speech and expression of all views and opinions. Still the editorial team reserves the right not to post messages that:

  • Express racist or in any way offensive views
  • Include illegal content
  • Include commercial or promotional content

    Messages in the forum should be posted in English. We fully respect all languages and our choice in no way diminishes their importance. Neither does our choice bear any implications in relation to their official usage within the EU and its institutions. We believe, however, that in order to facilitate the conduct of the dialogue and the exchange of views a single language should be used in the forum.

  • Duration 15/04/2003 - 30/04/2003
    Do you think that the external borders of the EU should be delineated on the basis of politico-economic or cultural criteria?
    (17 Messages, last sent in: 17/4/2003)
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