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Priorities of the Greek Presidency

Our Europe.
Sharing the future as a Community of Values

Our message reflects our objective of promoting a community of values: which recognises the citizen’s right to security, democracy and a better quality of life; which will create institutions able to guarantee participation and equality; and which will make the European citizen sense that his or her voice is heard, that he or she belongs to a new single family, to Our Europe.

Our Europe belongs to all European peoples without exceptions or exclusions. Everybody has a stake in such a future. Enlargement brings this vision much closer. Our Europe welcomes the new member states, confident of achieving a new synthesis and a new dynamism; the sort of dynamism that these states have shown during their rapid social, political and economic transition. It is up to us all to make enlargement a
catalyst for accelerating European integration; a force which will ensure that Europe is able to face the challenges of a new era in world affairs.

Priorities of the Greek Presidency (pdf file)

Oι προτεραιότητες της Ελληνικής Προεδρίας (doc file)

Prioriteterne for det græske formandskab 2003 (doc file)

Kreikan puheenjohtajakauden 2003 painopisteet (doc file)

Det grekiska ordförandeskapets prioriteringar 2003  (doc file)

Die Prioritäten der griechischen Präsidentschaft im Jahr 2003  (doc file)

Prioridades de la Presidencia griega 2003 (doc file)

Le priorità della Presidenza greca del 2003  (doc file)

Prioriteiten van het Griekse voorzitterschap 2003  (doc file)

Prioridades da Presidência Grega 2003  (doc file)

Les Priorités de la Présidence grecque  (doc file)

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The Commission's legislative and work programme for 2003 (pdf file)

Operational Programme of the Council for 2003 submitted by the Greek and Italian Presidencies (doc file)

The European Economic and Social Committee's activities during the Greek Presidency (doc file)

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