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Interviews / Speeches
International Dialogue
 Interviews / speeches archive
Exclusive interview of the Hungarian Foreign Minister László Kovács to www.eu2003.gr, on the occasion of the Signing of the Accession Treaty, 15/4/2003
Exclusive interview of the Romanian minister for European Integration Ms.Hildegard Puwak to www.eu2003.gr, 14/4/2003
Exclusine interview of Austrian Foreign Minister Benita Ferrero–Waldner to www.eu2003.gr, 26/3/2003
Exclusive interview of Slovenian Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel to www.eu2003.gr, 13/3/2003
Exclusive interview of Slovak Foreign Minister Eduard Kukan to www.eu2003.gr, 10/2/2003
Exclusive Interview of Nobel Prize-winning Economist Robert Solow, to www.eu2003.gr, 9/2/2003
Exclusive interview of the Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller to eu2003.gr, 28/1/2003
Interview of Lithuania's Foreign Minister Mr. Antanas Valionis, 13/1/2003
Interview of Prime Minister C.Simitis to the French newspaper Le Monde, 8/1/2003
Greek Presidency: initiatives with political significance for our Europe, 6/1/2003
C. Simitis: A more powerful Europe in the global system that will become increasingly multi-centre in nature, 6/1/2003
Interview given by Foreign Minister George Papandreou to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, 3/1/2003
Interview of the Alternate Foreign Minister Tassos Giannitsis, 8/1/2003
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