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 At a glance
Penelopey is a collaborative project, presented by the Greek Presidency's Office to celebrate the poetics of life as they are looked, lived and registered by women through their artistic vocabularies. 
The endlessly restless "song-maker" Dionissis Savopoulos rides his "Balkan Wheels" and goes to Slovenia, Bulgaria, and Romania holding the banners of the Greek Presidency in the EU.

Global Novel: 14 authors, 12 countries, 11 languages...

An annual European Painting Award is established for the first time by the Frissiras Museum
11th Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean

11th Biennale of young artists
The 11th Biennale (6-15 June 2003) offers an opportunity to Young Artists from several european and Mediterranean countries, as well as to its visitors, to explore new ways of transcending limits and contemporary horizons.

Greek Presidency cinema events

Representation - Th. Aggelopoulos
In the first half of 2003, 16 European cities are to host Greek Cinema Weeks, during which internationally renowned Greek films will be screened.

Festival for the new members of the European Union, Technopolis, Athens

Festival - new EU members
The 'new borders of the European Union' is the title of the Festival held by Technopolis of Athens, on the ocassion of the ten new EU state - members. This particular event, that lasts from May 19 to June 8, aims at making European citizens more familiar with the new members of the EU.

FREE TRANSIT (?): Series of events organized by the Greek Presidency to showcase contemporary Greek art

Free Transit (?)
To mark the occasion of the Ceremony of the Signature of the Accesion Treaty of the ten new member states, the Informal European Council on 16 April and the European Conference on 17 April 2003, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Hellenic Presidency Bureau has organised a series of events to showcase contemporary Greek art.

The "conquest of the air" in Thessaloniki

Painting by H. Matisse
Τhe State Museum of Contemporary Art, in collaboration with Les Abattoirs - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Toulouse, presents the exhibition "The conquest of the air, an adeventure in the 20th century art."

Culture on first view: all the events exported to Europe

Andreas Andreopoulos: The sacrifice
Twelve important archaeological exhibitions, nine modern art shows, three photography exhibition, a great cinema tour and a festival, four participations in book fairs and six writers' presentations, ten music and dance performances, two theater tours and two exhibitions on Greece's Olympic preparation.

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