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Going Out

Greece is famous for its vivid lifestyle. To start with, a lot of theatres, music cafes, trendy shops, music stages, cinemas, bars, night clubs, dancing clubs, funky restaurants, classy meeting points, casinos and after hours are easy to access everywhere in Greece, all year round.

Usually, all night clubs opening hours are from 10.00p.m. until dawn. Nevertheless, it is easy to find places for entertainment during the day light as well.

Marine Tourism

Given that Greece has 15.000 kilometers of coastline, inhabited islands and islets, protected sea areas of thousand square kilometers, a mild climate, high percentages of sunlight and an interesting and alternating landscape, it has a clear and unquestionable comparative advantage in marine tourism. In the yachting field, greek flag cruise ships that offer one-day, 3-day, 4-day, 7-day and long cruises in Greek ports and ports in other countries of the Eastern Mediterranean, are above 160,000 GRT and have capacity for more than 10,000 passengers. Greek ports accept cruise ships under foreign flags which, according to the most recent data of the NSSG, brought in 2000, 471,908 passengers to our country's sea borders.

Excursions & Tourism

Visitors can go sightseeing in many places in Greece. Apart from the islands and the traditional settlements in many areas of mainland Greece, one can also visit the archeological sites and with the help of a guide, learn about the history of Ancient Greece, Byzantine times but also modern Greece.

Golf courses

There are 4 golf courses of international standards (18 holes), in Glyfada, Corfu, Rhodes and Chalkidiki, as well as a 9-hole course in Elounda, Crete


Greece, the native land of the Olympic Games, is the ideal place for practicing sports or attending sports events. Major modern stadiums and other facilities can satisfy sport enthusiasts, interested in fitting, training, competing or attending a whole range of sports: from athletism and football, volley-ball, basket-ball, tennis, to golf or wind-surfing and sailing.


Discover specific facilities and sites for a full range of adventure activities and extreme sports: scuba-diving along the coasts, hiking or climbing in the mountains, trekking or mountain biking, canoeing a river or windsurfing the sea, horse-riding or exploring caves and gorges. Specialized agencies and local information centers will guide you through a unique Greek experience.


Greece has many ski centers, which are organized and have the necessary hotel facilities. One of the main centers is the Parnassos ski center, near the archeological site of Delphi. The Kalavrita ski center is as beautiful and organized as well as many ski centers in Northern Greece.

Eco - Tourism

The variety and richness of Greek eco-systems provide a wide range of opportunities for alternative holiday experiences. You can explore woodlands and forests, located not only in the mountainous hinterland but also in some islands or near lakes and rivers. You can watch and wonder at the monuments of nature, springs, gorges, rivers, lakes.
Visitors to ecological sensitive areas will observe proper respect to the protection of the environment from pollution or any nuisance to habitats.

Religious Tourism

Monuments of Greek Orthodox Church are an inherent part of the national heritage, attracting important flows of visitors. Byzantine and post-byzantine churches in cities or in small villages, cathedrals, small churches in the countryside, monasteries and cells, the monastic towns in Mount-Athos, decorated with excellent mosaics, paintings and icons, testify the persistence of faith and tradition. At the same time, they prove the long-term inter-connection between artistic creation and religious cult.
In most areas you can meet religious buildings and monuments of various cults and dogmas in a peaceful and friendly dialogue. This is a proof of the multi-cultural character of Greece through the ages.

Health Tourism

The development of therapeutic tourism, by using mineral water of spas and other elements of curative quality, and that of health tourism in general, is based on different sorts of health centers, providing a range of services, such as thalassotherapy centers, spa centers etc. There are already two thalassotherapy centers operating in Kriti and another two under completion, in other destinations.
The 16 spa centers operating in Mineral Water Sources of national importance are included in this kind of installations of special infrastructure: they are used annually by 10,000 people and provide 1,400,000 curative baths and other cures. In the same category also fall the existing spa centers in 40 Mineral Water Sources of Local Importance (Source: NSSG). Another spa center is under construction.

Conferences - Conventions

Greece is the ideal place for conventions, business conferences and meetings. It combines excellent conference facilities with the unique museums, archaeological sites, shopping and nightlife. There are actually 13 conference centres outside hotels, with a total capacity of 12,000 persons. Over a hundred hotels in several Greek destinations offer a full range of conference facilities.

(Source: Greek National Tourism Organisation)

For more information , please visit the site of the Greek National Tourism Organisation at:


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