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General Information Concerning the EU


Europa - The portal site of the EU.  The site provides up-to-date coverage of EU affairs and essential information on European integration. Users can also consult all legislation currently in force or under discussion, access the websites of each of the EU institutions and find out about the policies administered by the EU under the powers devolved to it by the Treaties.

EurActiv -  Portal which follows EU news and policy positions.  Also provides a guide for the various EU actors (including professionals, NGO's, the press, consultants, etc.).

Europe Direct - Service aimed at helping citizens and businesses alike in finding answers concerning the EU.  It offers free telephone helplines for each Member State, a direct response service via e-mail and links to information and advice facilities at national, regional and local levels.

OPOCE -  The official publication house for all the institutions, agencies and other bodies of the EU.

ΙDEA -  Electronic database which comprises the various directories of the EU institutions.


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GYMNICH 2-3/5/2003
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