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23/06/2006 01:14 Local Time 
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Agreement on the reform of the CAP, Luxembourg, 26/6/2003

The reform will completely change the way the EU supports its farm sector. The new CAP will be geared towards consumers and taxpayers, while giving EU farmers the freedom to produce what the market wants. In future, the vast majority of subsidies will be paid independently from the volume of production.

To avoid abandonment of production, Member States may choose to maintain a limited link between subsidy and production under well defined conditions and within clear limits.

The Council further decided to revise the milk, rice, cereals and other sectors. In order to respect the tight budgetary ceiling for the EU-25 until 2013, ministers agreed to introduce a financial discipline mechanism.
This reform will also strengthen the EU's negotiating hand in the ongoing WTO trade talks. The single farm payment will enter into force in 2005. If a Member State needs a transitional period due to its specific agricultural conditions, it may apply the single farm payment from 2007 at the latest.

The key elements of the new, reformed CAP in a nutshell:

  • a single farm payment for EU farmers, independent from production; limited coupled elements may be maintained to avoid abandonment of production,
  • this payment will be linked to the respect of environmental, food safety, animal and plant health and animal welfare standards, as well as the requirement to keep all farmland in good agricultural and environmental condition ("cross-compliance"),
  • a strengthened rural development policy with more EU money, new measures to promote the environment, quality and animal welfare and to help farmers to meet EU production standards starting in 2005,
  • a reduction in direct payments ("modulation") for bigger farms to finance the new rural development policy,
  • a mechanism for financial discipline to ensure that the farm budget fixed until 2013 is not overshot,
    revisions to the market policy of the CAP.

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