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23/06/2006 11:34 Local Time 
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"The Thessaloniki Model: Citizens’ Diplomacy for Fair Globalisation." Article by Minister for Macedonia-Thrace, George Paschalidis, 12/6/03.

"The greater area of Thessaloniki is being called on to host an important European Summit in the current global conjuncture. The participation of citizens’ peace movements, of all those who express views about the different aspects of globalisation, in a debate of such importance for the present and future of the world, is only natural. We want fair and progressive globalisation, based on valid rules of international legitimacy, on the peaceful coexistence of different cultures and religions, on balanced development, globalisation which reinstalls human values at the epicentre of issues, which puts humans before profit. It is in this spirit of hospitality that Thessaloniki welcomes its visitors and at the same time asks them to respect the city and its citizens.

With a sense of responsibility on the part of all, this model adopted by Thessaloniki can prove to be a model of hospitality and respect. The parallel summit of citizens could similarly prove to be a useful complement to the summit of leaders. Citizens who demonstrate are responsible citizens who have a place in the debate on the future of the world, on the future of Europe. On our part, we are keeping the path of communication open in the city of Thessaloniki – a city which stands for dialogue. Ideas are much more powerful than stones thrown at shop windows. We are in need of fresh ideas for a balanced and progressive globalisation. We want Thessaloniki to be associated not only with the important decisions taken at the summit of leaders, but also with the  conclusions of a multilateral dialogue among social movements within the framework of the Thessaloniki summit of citizens."     

The whole text is available in french, click here to read it.


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