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20/03/2006 05:03 Local Time 
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Music from Greece
In the diversity of cultural expression, music occupies an important place. On this page you can listen to sound clips which are representative of the contemporary Greek music scene. A scene characterised not only by the distinct character of traditional Greek musical forms, but also by outward-looking interaction with global forms of musical expression. By clicking on the links below you can download our selection of tracks (mp3 files) which are indicative of the diversity of contemporary Greek music. The list will be renewed on a weekly basis.

List of tracks (title, artist, company, duration). To download, click on a title.

1. Minoraki, Charis Alexiou, Universal, 0:54

2. Dynata, Eleftheria Arvanitaki, Polygram, 0:41

3. Ti ehei meinei apo tin fotia, Nikos Portokaloglou,Mercury, 0:48

4. Stou mualou mou ta agria vathi, Manolis Lidakis, Sony music, 0:43

5. To kokkino feggari, D. Galani - P. Kalatzopoulos, Universal, 0:47

6. Charamata, Alkistis Protopsalti, Universal, 0:57

7. Mesomoulianitiki kontilia, Vasilis Stavrakakis, Aerakis/Seistron, 0:35

8. Se akousa to vradu, Loudovikow ton Anogeion, Lyra, 0:48

9. Se pio theo na pistepso, E. Paspala - S. Semsos, WEA, 1:02


Αll the tracks appear courtesy of AEPI


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