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22/08/2006 18:20 Local Time 
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Culture, Copyright and Information Society

Culture, Copyright and Information Society
A European Conference takes place in Athens from 7 to 8 of April, in the context of the events organized by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture on the occasion of the Greek Presidency in the EU. The conference entitled "Culture, Copyright and Information Society" is being organized by the Ministry's Direction of European Affairs.

Which is the relation between the information society and Culture? Which is the international dimension of copyright in the digital environment? What happens with the acquis communautaire and the freedom of expression? How can we have a collective management of copyright in the international environment? These are just a few of the questions that participants in the conference are going to answer.

The complete program of the European Conference goes as follows:

Sunday, April 6

19:00 - 21:00 Registration and welcome coctail

Monday, April 7

Morning Session

9:15 Conference opening. Speech of the Minister of Culture, prof. Evangelos Venizelos.

10:00 Speeches

- "Information society and culture." General Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Professor Lina Mendoni.
- "International copyright in the digital environment." Geoffrey Yu, Assistant Director General - WIPO, Copyright and Related Rights Sector.
- "The acquis communautaire and the future of copyright in the EU." Dr. Joerg Reinbothe, European Commission-Internal Market, Head of Unit Copyright.

11:00 Break

11:30 Work Groups.

Subject: Copyright in the information society.
Moderator: Professor Lambros Kotsiris, member of the Academy of Athens.

- "Droit d'auteur et liberte d' expression dans la societe de l' information." Andre Lucas, Professeur, Universite de Nantes, France.
- "Collective management of copyright in the international environment." Mihaly Ficsor, former Assistant Director general of WIPO, President of the Hungarian Copyright Experts Council.
- "New Interfaces to Copyright; Protection of Folklore and Traditional Knowledge." Henry Olsson, Special Government Adviser, Ministry for Justice, Sweden.
- "The New German Copyright Law concerning the contractual position of authors and performers." Irene Pakuscher, Ministry of Justice, Germany.

13:30 Lunch

15:30 Afternoon Session.

Subject: Culture and information society technologies.
Moderator: Dionyssia Kallinikou, Ministry of Culture, Greece

- "Museum and new technologies." Angelos Delivorias, Director of Benaki Museum.
- "Protection of immaterial goods." Dionyssia Sotiropoulou, Legal adviser, Ministry of Culture.
- "Technologies for Copyright Protection and Management - Hellenic Ministry of Culture." Professor Theodoros Papatheodorou, University of Patras.
- "Technological Solutions for Copyright Protection and Management of Cultural Heritage - Best Practices across Member States." Dimitrios K. Tsolis, National Representative, Greece.

Tuesday, April 8

9:30 Morning Session.

Subject: Public profile of copyright.
Moderator: Jukka Liedes, Special Adviser, Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland
- "Copyright and ethics: are old virtues the antidote to new vices?" Anthony Murphy, Director of Copyright, The Patent Office, London.
- "Globalization and protection of the economic right." Vittorio Ragonesi, Legal Counsellor of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Italy.
- "The future of moral rights." Nuno Gonsalves, Portugal.
- "Limites aux droits. " Pierre Sirinelli, Professeur, Universite Paris 1, Pantheon Sorbonne, France.

11:00 Break

11:30 Work Groups.

Subject: Related rightsin the Information Society
Moderator: Henry Olsson, Special Government Adviser, Ministry for Justice, Sweden.

- "Performers' rights and new technologies: an introduction." Xavier Blanc, General Secretary of AEPO, Association of European Performers' Organisations.
- "The protection of phonogram producers." Olivia Regnier, Senior Legal Adviser, IFPI.
- "The rights of broadcasting organisations in the new digital environment." Jukka Liedes, Special Adviser, Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland.
- "Points of attachment in the field of neighbouring rights." Peter Schonning, Head, Ministry of Culture, Denmark.

13:30 Lunch

15:30 Aftenoon session
Discussion and Conclusions

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