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18/02/2005 22:36 Local Time 
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Representation - Th. Aggelopoulos
In the first half of 2003, 16 European cities are to host Greek Cinema Weeks, during which internationally renowned Greek films will be screened. The host cities are London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Dublin, Brussels, Luxembourg, the Hague, Vienna, Frankfurt, Madrid, Helsinki, Rome, Bratislava, Istanbul and Geneva. The events are being organised by the Greek Film Centre in cooperation with the local diplomatic authorities.

During the first ten days of April 2003, one of the regular annual meetings of the Federation of European Film Directors (FERA) will be held in Athens.  At the meeting, professionals in the audio-visual field and cinema personalities from all over Europe and the Mediterranean will be discussing issues relating to enlargement and cultural particularities in Europe. The meeting is being jointly organised by the Greek Film Centre.
On 14, 15 and 16 April 2003, the 83rd Meeting of Eurimages will be held in Athens, chaired by its new President, Jacques Toubon. Eurimages is the Council of Europe fund for the co-production, distribution and exhibition of European cinematographic works. The meeting will be organised by the Greek Film Centre. 

On 26 and 27 May in Thessaloniki, the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and the Greek Film Centre are organising a meeting for European creators and specialists in the field of cinema, at which all aspects of the problems arising from the European Union’s enlargement will be examined.


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