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The Greek Presidency's website hosts an international dialogue on issues relating to the future of the European Union and/or of current interest.
Prominent figures on the European economic, political and academic scene express in short articles their opinions and proposals on the development of the EU and its policies.



A. Economic governance in the enlarged EU: Growth, stability and reform

15th February:
"Tax reforms and European and international coordination of taxation: The main issues" (Mr Frits Bolkestein, EU Commissioner)

21st February:
"Effective coordination of economic policies and the Stability Pact: Prerequisites for a mutual relationship". (Prof. Loukas Τsoukalis, University of Athens, President, Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy- ELIAMEP )

5th March:
"Economic cohesion and the advisability of revising the functions of the Community budget" (Prof Iain Begg, London School of Economics)

B. Employment, social cohesion and quality of life: The modernisation of the European economic and social model

11th March:
"The target of full employment and the institutional reform of the European labour markets" (Mrs Anna Diamantopoulou, EU Commissioner)

17th March:
"A Model for Pension Reform in 21st Century Europe" (Prof. Gösta Esping- Andersen, Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

23rd March:
"The fight against poverty and the promotion of social inclusion: The response of the EU and the Member States" (Sir Tony Atkinson, The Warden, Nuffield College, Oxford University)

29th March:
"The contribution of businesses to sustainable development" (Union of Industrial and Employers' Confederations of Europe, UNICE)

4th April:
"Food safety, environmental protection and the reform of the CAP: A new agricultural model for Europe?" (Prof. Allan Buckwell, President, Policy Group of the European Landowners Organisation)

C. Principles and orientations of European joint action in the area of migration policy

16th April:
"Responding to illegal migration in Europe" (Dr. Demetrios Papademetriou, Co- Director, Migration Policy Institute)

22nd April:
"The components of an asylum and migration policy which is fair for both European citizens and potential incomers" (Prof Stephen Castles, Director, Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford University

28th April:
"Economic and social integration of immigrants and the action of the EU" (Mr Emilio Gabaglio, General Secretary, ETUC)

D. The EU in the system of international relations: Playing a pro-active role

4th May:
"Regional Cooperation: the stepping stone to European integration" (Dr Erhard Busek, Special co-ordinator of the Stability Pact for South- Eastern Europe)

14th May:
“Is the European Union a model for troubled societies? Looking through the conceptual lens of sovereignty” (Prof. Robert O. Keohane, Duke University)

23rd May:
International trade, external aid and sustainable development: The European approach” (Mr Pascal Lamy, EU Commissioner)

28th May:
"Is Europe an 'emerging superpower'?" (Prof. Panayotis Ιoakimidis, University of Athens, president, Hellenic Centre for European Studies- EKEM)

E. Towards a European civil society: Participation, legitimacy and citizenship

2nd June: 
 "'Growing' a European Civil Society by democratic means" (Prof. Philippe Schmitter, European University Institute)

8th June:
"Forms of citizen representation and participation in the European system of governance: Present and future" (Prof. Yves Meny, President, European University Institute)

20th June:
"The European Convention: bringing the EU closer to its citizens” (Prof. Romano Prodi, President of European Commission)

23st June: 
“Representative Democracy, Modern Technology and Citizen Participation” (Prof. George Papadimitriou, University of Athens, Legal Advisor to the Prime Minister of Greece)


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