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European Council, 19-20/06/03 and EU - Western Balkans Summit, 21/06/03


Greek Presidency, Tour of EU Capitals:

Nicosia (18-19/4/03)    Helsinki (22/4/03)    Stockholm (22/4/03)    

Copenhagen (23/4/03)   Tallinn (6/5/03)      Riga (7/5/03)

Vilnius (7/5/03)            Warsaw (8/5/03)    Budapest (9/5/03)

Bratislava (9/5)            Prague (10/5)        Lisbon (13/5/03)

Valletta (14/5/03)         London (22/5/03)   Dublin (23/5/03)

Ljubljana (24/5/03)       Paris (6/6/03)        Hague (10/6/03)

Luxembourg (12/6/03)  Brussels (12/6/03)   Berlin (13/6/03)

Vienna (14/6/03)          Rome (17/6/03)

Previous related documents

Provisional Conclusions : Justice and Home Affairs Council (5-6/06/03)

Informal General Affairs and External Relations Council (Gymnich), May 2-3: Press Statement

Provisional Conclusions : General Affairs and External relations Council, June 16 - Session on General Affairs (pdf file)

Provisional Conclusions : General Affairs and External relations Council, June 16 - Session on External relations (pdf file)

Working Document: Greek Presidency Priorities for the Western Balkans

Working Document: Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in South- Eastern Europe

Document presented by the Greek Presidency at the meeting of the working group on Western Balkans : Preventing and fighting human trafficking in South-Eastern Europe (14/05/03)

Statement of the Presidency on the Thessaloniki European Council by Mr. T.Giannitsis before the European Parliament, 4/6/03


European Council (19-20/06/03) and EU - Western Balkans Summit / Zagreb Process II (21/06/03)

Letter of invitation by the President of the European Council, Prime Minister C. Simitis to the leaders of EU Member states for the Thessaloniki summit, (17/6/03).

Programme of the European Council and of the EU - Western Balkans Summit (pdf) 

Thessaloniki European Council (19-21/6/03) - Statements by Prime Minister Costas Simitis to journalists before the summit

Thessaloniki European Council (19-21/6/03): Statements by Foreign Minister George Papandreou to journalists before the European summit

Video - Thessaloniki European Council, Presidency's Press Conference, 19 June 2003

Thessaloniki European Council (19-21/6/03) : Presidency press conference (19/6/03)

Video - Thessaloniki European Council, Joint Press Conference of the Presidency and the Chairman of the European Convention, June 20, 2003

Thessaloniki European Council: Joint press conference of Costas Simitis, Valery Giscard d’Estaing and Romano Prodi (20/6/03)

Video - Thessaloniki European Council, Concluding Presidency Press Conference, June 20, 2003

Thessaloniki European Council: Concluding press conference of the Greek Presidency (20/6/03)

Thessaloniki European Council, 19-20 June 2003: Presidency Conclusions

Video - EU - Western Balkans Summit / Zagreb Process II (21/06/03), Press Conference, June 21, 2003

EU-Western Balkans Summit: Presidency press conference (21/6/03)

EU - Western Balkans Summit: Declaration, 21/6/2003

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