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Youth Information Centres

The General Secretariat for Youth has set up a large number of Youth Information Centres to help young people cope with a variety of modern-day demands and challenges.

The aims of this initiative are:

To provide free and equal access to information

  • To familiarise young people with new technology
  • What are the Youth Information Centres?

The Centres operate under local government responsibility, providing information on matters of importance to young people. The information has been collected in an electronic data base which is linked to data banks on specific subjects in Greece and abroad. The data base covers areas such as education, vocational training, employment, culture, sport, tourism, ecology and the environment.   
In addition, the Youth Information Centres provide free Internet access.

The Centres are staffed by skilled Youth Information Counsellors, who organise regular educational and training seminars on matters of interest to young people.  

In cooperation with the Interior Ministry and local municipalities, the General Secretariat for Youth presently operates 93 Youth Information Centres throughout Greece. By the end of 2002, a total of 129 Centres are expected to be operating. 

Further information is available at the General Secretariat for Youth web site: www.neagenia.gr



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