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How to search

The search engine transforms the content using special algorithms for 'phonetic' search, which means a search may be successful even if words are not typed correctly, with or without single/double consonants etc., so that, for example, searches for Union, Unnion, etc. produce exactly the same results.

You can either search the whole of the web site or certain categories, and/or according to date. You also have the option to search for texts that contain either the whole word you have entered or part of it.

You can select the language in which the results of your search will be displayed. If you do not select a language and are on an advanced search page, the results will be displayed in the language of your original search.

In particular, the search engine allows you to perform searches using a combination of criteria. Follow the Search link to conduct a simple search in all of eu2003.gr. 

Simple search

In order to initiate a simple search without other criteria and restrictions, all you have to do is insert key words in the field located in the upper left hand corner.

Advanced search

You can narrow your search by using the following criteria:

A. By word/phrase

Choose from the list to search in documents that contain:

1. all the words you have entered (all words)
2. any of the words you have entered (any word)
3. the exact phrase you have entered in the respective field (exact phrase)


B. By date

You can narrow your search by selecting the appropriate date (from - to).

C. By category (topic)

Search in a topic of interest. Choose from the respective list to search in

1. policies and document types in all of eu2003.gr or in News,
2. policies contained in Press releases,
3. policies, types of meetings/events and locations, which are contained in Meetings/Events.


You can also select the matching results to be displayed with or without a summary.

Note: you can apply filters either at the beginning of the search or to the results returned by the search based on the criteria you have selected.

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How to search

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