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About eu2003.gr


The web site of the Greek EU Presidency

In view of the growing importance of the Internet as a means of informing citizens, eu2003.gr will be the main conduit for information about the activities, identity and objectives of the Greek Presidency. The aim of the web site is to provide information about the functions, orientations and activities of the European Union, whilst throwing the spotlight on the modern face of Greece.

In addition, eu2003.gr aspires to serve as a forum for dialogue and communication among the citizens of the European Union, as well as a means of promoting ‘electronic democracy’, in the hope that this will encourage citizens to participate in the decision-making process and contribute to bridging the gap between the institutions of the Community and its citizens.

The information on the site has been structured in 8 sections and can be accessed in three languages: Greek, English and French.

Web site objectives

  • To fully and effectively support the activities of the Presidency.
  • To serve as an adequate and effective information tool for media representatives covering the activities of the Presidency.
  • To be a key source of information on the Presidency’s activities for foreign government officials.
  • To meet the information needs of professional and social groups, the academic community and the general public, with respect to the identity, nature and activities of the EU, the Presidency and Greece.
  • To ensure unimpeded availability to those with special access needs and the elderly.

Target audience

This web site is primarily directed at:

  • Foreign government officials;
  • Media representatives covering the Presidency’s tasks and activities;
  • Social and professional groups, organisations and associations with a special interest in EU policies;
  • The general public and young people.

Every effort has been made to create a web site with information that can be easily understood not only by experts and those already familiar with European Union affairs, but also by any citizen seeking access to that information.

Access for all

The Council of Europe has designated 2003 as the European Year of People with Disabilities. Against this background, the Greek Presidency has chosen to create a web site that ensures access for all. This is also in line with the Presidency’s desire to make the individual the focal point of its activities and contribute to the elimination of discrimination, as well as of social and other exclusions. eu2003.gr is fully compatible with the international standard W3C which ensures unhindered access not only for people with special needs but also the elderly.

What does eu2003.gr offer visitors?

The concept behind the creation of the web site was to make it as user-friendly as possible. The web site’s new applications, variety of services and extensive capabilities ensure that information is not only integrated but also easy and quick to access. The services include:

• Personalisation services. Visitors who register for these services are able to create their own personal page, my eu2003.gr, through which they can receive information on matters of interest to them, according to their preferences by document type and policy area.
• Information by e-mail and newsletter. Users registering for the web site’s information service will receive either e-mail, whenever a news item appears on the web site, or a newsletter with the headlines of the latest news, again according to their preferences by document type and policy area.
• Advanced search engine. Visitors to eu2003.gr can search for events, news or any other item on the site by choosing the relevant date, document type, policy area and language.
• Live broadcast via the web site of important Presidency activities and live web events with the participation of the public.
• Information delivered by SMS and W.A.P.
Mobile telephone settings for access to the W.A.P. services of the Greek Presidency web site (http://wap.eu2003.gr)

To access and use the W.A.P. (Wireless Application Protocol) services of the Greek Presidency web site, you must have a mobile telephone with W.A.P. support. If you have such a telephone, one of the following two possibilities will apply:

a. provided your phone has already been set for access to W.A.P. services (most probably through the mobile telephony company to which you already subscribe), go to phone menu and select 'W.A.P. services', then simply add the address http://wap.eu2003.gr in the option "Add Address' or 'Add bookmark'. Then, give a name to the aforesaid address (e.g. eu2003.gr) and save your selections. To visit the W.A.P. page of the web site, choose 'W.A.P. services' from the menu and in the Bookmarks select the bookmark with the name you provided in the previous step (e.g. eu2003.gr).

b. if your phone is not already set for access to W.A.P. services, you should be aware that the necessary settings differ depending on the mobile telephone company to which you subscribe, as well as on the model and type of mobile telephone. In the former case, you must supply the necessary information regarding the I.P. address and connection number (as provided by the company), in order to gain access in general to W.A.P. services. The latter case refers to the specific menu options of your particular phone. For mobile telephone subscribers with one of the three Greek companies (Cosmote, Telestet, Vodafone, ) instructions by model and type of telephone can be found at the following addresses:

Cosmote: http://www.cosmote.gr/ipiresies/mycosmos/wapsettings.htm
Telestet: http://www.telestet.gr/01_01_01.cfm?PageID=39
Vodafone: http://www.vodafone.gr/live1/page.jsp?pid=0001010700&vars=0000000000

Alternatively, mobile telephone subscribers may request information by calling the relevant customer service department of their respective company.

Mobile telephone subscribers in countries outside Greece should contact the relevant customer service department of their company or look for the corresponding instructions on the web pages of the company in question.

International dialogue and electronic democracy

The Greek Presidency’s web site hosts an international dialogue on issues relating to the future of the European Union and/or of current interest. Prominent figures on the European economic, political and academic scene express in share articles their opinions and proposals on the development of the EU and its policies.
At the same time, eu2003.gr aspires to become a means for promoting electronic democracy. It hopes to accomplish this by fully exploiting the possibilities afforded by digital technology in order to strengthen transparency and increase citizen participation in the decision-making process. In this respect, visitors to the Citizen’s Forum of eu2003.gr will be given the opportunity to express their opinions on issues which will change once a fortnight. They will also have the opportunity to vote on important issues, ask questions and offer their ideas and suggestions on important and current issues of European policy.

Web site sections 

The Greek Presidency’s web site is comprised of 8 sections:

The Presidency

  • The Presidency: the institution, role and duties of the Presidency
  • Greek Presidency: identity, organisation, logo, priorities, Wider Europe, Civil Society
  • Presidency News : Agendas, working documents and Council background notes, conclusions, statements by the Presidency and press releases, other documents
  • Meetings and Events
  • Contact
  • European Council, Thessaloniki 2003
  • Spring European Council 2003
  • Vade Mecum
  • Photo archives : Photos of Greece, photos from meetings and other events, photos of members of the Greek government, webcasts.


Information is provided on all meetings and events taking place within the framework of the Greek Presidency. This information (documents, news items, etc.) can be accessed in a number of ways, e.g. by choosing the date, place and type of the metting/ event in conjunction with the policy area.


  • Presidency News
  • Presidency news on Iraq
  • News from the ANA
  • International Dialogue
  • Articles
  • Interviews
  • This week
  • Archive : Interviews, articles, international dialogue, forum.

This section includes, inter alia, the documents relating to the activities of the Presidency. The information can be accessed in various ways, e.g. by choosing the date when a document appeared on the web site, the document type and the relevant policy area.

Media Service

Information for media representatives seeking accreditation for Greek Presidency events. Accreditation requests and accommodation choices can be made by completing an online application.

European Union/Policies

  • The EU in brief: history, symbols, institutions and bodies, decision-making, finances, Treaty of Nice
  • Policies
  • Member States
  • The future of the EU
  • Enlargement: acceding and candidate countries, membership criteria, historical background, accession negotiations
  • EU-related links


  • Greece in brief
  • Greece in the EU
  • Doing business in Greece
  • Tourism
  • Culture
  • Web links

Athens 2004

  • Preparation for the Games
  • Olympic Truce
  • News 
  • The Olympic Games – Past and Present
  • Paralympic Games
  • Athens 2004 Volunteers


  • Youth and Europe
  • Biennale 2003
  • Participation
  • Information
  • Volunteerism
  • Youth Entrepreneurship
  • Tourism for young people

[This web site was designed, developed and is maintained by the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with Hellas On Line S.A. and its associates]

For any technical questions please contact webmaster@eu2003.gr

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