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08/12/2006 18:25 Local Time 
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Personalisation Service (my.eu2003.gr) Instructions

The personalisation service of the Greek EU Presidency web site allows you to select personal preferences. Through the personalisation service you can:

  • Enter/Change your Access Code
  • Select Content Type (Press releases, News, Interviews, etc.)
  • Select Policy Area for each Content Type 
  • Select Calendar Entry Type
  • Select Policy Area for each Calendar Entry Type
  • Subscribe to the Newsletter, sent daily at 16:30 on the basis of content selections
  • Subscribe to the Daily Agenda, sent daily by e-mail at 06:00 (local time) on the basis of calendar selections.
  • Ask to receive Alerts.
  • Select language

When you have selected your personal preferences, you will be able to view them directly in the same browser, without being asked to confirm your account and access code. However, you can also choose to exit (sign out), in order to protect your personal data in the event you are sharing your computer with others. This means you can share the same computer with others and safely access your personal preferences.

To sign up for the web site personalisation services, click on 'Sign-up to the personalisation services of the Greek Presidency web site', located below the calendar on the right-hand side of the web page.

The procedure is very simple.

1. Provide your personal e-mail address. You will subsequently receive an e-mail with an access code in order to continue with the registration process.


2. Enter
the access code you received and the username you desire (which will give you access to your personal preferences), your first and last name and your country of origin.

3. If the data you entered is correct (i.e. if the access code is valid), you will be taken to the next step, where you can select specific topics of interest by Policy, type of Document, type of Meeting/Event and Location.


Once you have entered your selections, you may then choose to receive by e-mail the newsletter, the scheduled events and notification about new articles which will be appearing on the web site. You can also change the password which provides access to your personal page.


By following the link My eu2003.gr at the top of each page on the web site and entering the username/password combination you selected when registering, you can view your personal page with the meetings, your personal page with the articles of your choice, or change your personal preferences and access code (password).

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