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16/12/2006 19:05 Local Time 
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Eu2003.gr bids you farewell
On June 30th ends the Greek Presidency of the EU. The Presidency�s official website www.eu2003.gr will remain online but it will stop being updated from July 8th. The site�s editorial team would like to wish the very best of luck to the editorial team of the Italian Presidency�s website, which you can visit at www.ueitalia2003.it
EU Presidencies: 1998-2006
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Memorabilia of the Greek Presidency
Priorities of the Greek Presidency
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Our Europe: Sharing the Future as a Community of Values
Results of the Greek Presidency by Policy Area: A Scoreboard

Results of the Greek Presidency by Policy Area: A Scoreboard (pdf - file) Results of the Greek Presidency by Policy Area: A Scoreboard (MS word file)

eu2003.gr: a note from the editorial team

The web site of the Greek Presidency was � for Greece � a first. A difficult and complex task in all respects, having as its only points of reference the web sites of the past presidencies of other countries.

�Thoughts on Culture and Europe�: Epilogue

An apparent paradox. The post-Cold war era seems to have effected the culturalisation of politics. American elections are largely fought in the name of cultural issues; on a series of tantalising debates involving Christian versus secular values, regarding abortion, the death penalty, etc. Social differences and social antagonisms are increasingly framed in the context of culture, as intense, or even incommensurable, cultural identity clashes...

Thessaloniki European Council, 19-20 June 2003: Presidency Conclusions

Thessaloniki European Council, family photo
The European Council met in Thessaloniki on 19 and 20 June 2003. The meeting was preceded by an expos� by the President of the European Parliament, Mr Pat Cox, followed by an exchange of views concerning the main items on the agenda.

Great interest for eu2003.gr � Approximately 84.5 million hits in its 6 months of operation

84.5 million hits
Eu2003.gr proved popular with Internet users. During its 6 months of operation the site got approximately 84.5 million hits. We thank you all and we hope we proved of service to all those who visited eu2003.gr

Citizens' Forum: An assessment

The eu2003.gr forum hosted the views of many European citizens on various issues/questions, with the main objective of serving as a means of promoting so-called e-democracy. A brief assessment follows of the way in which it functioned plus a general evaluation of the extent to which it achieved its targets.

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